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Initial effect of the price of cotton is generally how much

Initial effect of the price of cotton is generally how much

Initial efficiency filter cotton step by step higher density synthetic fiber filter, economical and practical, low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, flexibility, safety and environmental protection, easy to use, the series is mainly used for purification system pre-filtration, air Purification filter the most commonly used, the most commonly used filter material to filter the atmosphere of ≥ 5μm particles of dust and suspended solids based.

The initial effect of filter cotton filter for regular cleaning needs, air filtration system pre-filter. The main components are mostly: PET (Polyester) and PP (Polypropylene fiber), the general production methods commonly used methods of hot air and acupuncture.

Initial effect of different types of filter cotton prices are different, the commonly used primary effect of cotton filter cotton for the thickness of 20mm and acupuncture cotton 5mm thick, commonly used primary effect of the price of filter cotton is generally 10 yuan per square meter. The initial effect of different weight cotton filter is also different, the higher the weight the more expensive the price.

The initial effect of filter cotton prices mainly based on weight, weight of filter cotton filter efficiency, the higher the weight of the higher the filtration efficiency. The most direct way to determine the weight is to check the thickness, the greater the thickness of the filter cotton, the higher the weight, the better the filtration effect, the relative price of filter cotton will increase.