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Air filter cotton wind speed how to calculate

Air filter cotton wind speed how to calculate

Filtration industry, air filter cotton material has many kinds, such as polyester fiber, glass fiber and activated carbon. One of the most widely used is the polyester fiber material, polyester fiber suitable for use in a variety of ventilation systems. Glass fiber is a high temperature material, suitable for high temperature environment is a yo. Activated carbon material for removing odor, purify the air. 

The air filter cotton is divided into primary filter cotton and medium filter cotton, the initial filter efficiency of 15mm thick wind speed is generally 3m / s, 20mm thick primary filter efficiency of wind speed is generally 1.5m / s-1m / s; 22mm thick The efficiency of filter cotton, such as canopy filter cotton wind speed 0.25m / s.
How to calculate the air filtration speed: V = L / A / 3600;

A: filtration area unit is m2;
L: air volume unit is m3 / h;
V: wind speed unit is m / s;
3600 means 3600 seconds.

Effect of wind speed on air filter cotton: Under normal circumstances, the slower the wind speed, the better the effect of air filter cotton. The diffusion of small particles of dust is evident. If the air velocity is low, the air can stay in the filter longer, and the airborne dust can be more easily captured by the air filter. Most people think that the greater the wind speed, the higher the air filtration efficiency, which is actually wrong. On the contrary, the smaller the wind speed, the higher the air filtration efficiency will be.