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Efficient filter cotton cycle

Efficient filter cotton cycle

Efficient filter cotton in the rated air volume conditions of use, you can normally use 1 to 2 months, the need to replace the filter cotton; or when the filter cotton resistance above 200Pa, the filter must be replaced; if the filter cotton is washable, then Replace the filter, you can use water or neutral detergent solution for flushing, compressed air blow dry or dry, and then replaced; up to allow the second cleaning, which must be replaced with a new filter cotton, and cleaned once , Filtration efficiency will be reduced by 15%; if the use of dust concentration in the environment is larger, the life cycle will also be reduced.

High-efficiency filter cotton features
1, High-efficiency filter cotton is made of high-performance hot-melt non-woven fabric made of organic synthetic fibers resistant to fracture.

2. Increasing the structure, the use of gradually multi-layer encryption technology, that is, toward the pure air direction of the fiber density gradually increased, higher filtration efficiency, according to the size of the dust is blocked at different levels of density, more effective to accommodate more dust .

3, High-efficiency filter cotton sticky treatment, the filter material is fully dipped, because the adhesive completely penetrates the medium so that the dust particles can not pass, so that a fully filtered air flow evenly spread to form a laminar flow state, to achieve the best spray effect.

4, the filter out of the wind is particularly dense, but also increased a layer of grid to strengthen the stereotypes, this structure so that the filter to maintain high filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity, but also can extend the service life of filter media, at When using C-600G and C-560G, in addition to ensuring good air quality, due to the resistance of the filter itself is relatively.

5, the filter has all sticky, sticky surface, dry treatment.

6, high efficiency filter cotton can also be used with the frame, made of plate filter.