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Fan Filter Unit Series

Fan Filter Unit Series

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We produces the head fan filter unit is the series of domestic newest technology, suitable of 100,000-1000 magnitude environment and obtain the highest grade of clean environment.100, it is different for different size, cleanliness level of clean room microenvironment、provide high quality and clean air. Widely applied in clean room and laminar covers and other applications High-tech and humanization of computer software system, can a single central computer monitoring system, the head of 7905 up, also can design according to customer requirements for additional monitoring system. Particularly suited to assemble line, Can according to the super net technology for single use to decorate, also can be formed many series 100 level assembly line.
Low operating cost、convenient use
Unique low vibration、low noise
Adjustable speed 、fan

Fan box and filter fission, easy replacement
External frame: Stainless steel or cold-rolled plate with spray
Fan: low vibration, low noise, imported or domestically fan
Wind speed: 0.4-0.8m/s
Purification at the highest level: 100 levels
Efficient filter: domestic glass fiber filter proposed. Or HV filter paper
System control mode: exchange control and direct control
Maximum Operating Temp and Humidity: 80℃,80%

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