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Non-woven Filter Bag

Non-woven Filter Bag

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The filter bag is made from three layers filter material in the hot-melt way. The first layer of coarse fiber captures the larger dust in the air, and the finer fiber captures the smaller one. The outermost layer is the protection layer. Reasonable design of the three layers design helps the product has excellent performance. Strong hot-melt tech avoids leakage of the wind. The surface net avoids the joint between every tow bags and increase the refinement of the air supply area. Not only reducing the air resistance, but also the amount of dust to reach the maximum. The enhanced bag will change the coarse fiber filter structure. In the past, all fiber filter cotton is made with a certain degree of curvature of the fiber, which is made of a mess. Enhanced filter bag fiber is three-dimensional spiral structure in a special process. The wind pressure is greatly reduced due to less elastic and dense wind resistance generated by the compressed. Enhanced bag drag reduces the original bag drag 30%. The helical fibers have good rebound and diversion of airflow, the air bag is more uniform, less resistance.

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