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Human Resources

Human Resources

Responsibility, competence, good work, trust
No good people, there is no good business. Responsibility and competence are the criteria for selecting and retiring at home. Good and trustworthiness is the standard for family acceptance.
Responsibility is to have a sense of responsibility, dedication, dedication, should be bold and responsible, dare to take responsibility, want to make achievements, eager to post achievements, there must be ambition and ambition. The company should have a sense of responsibility for its own work, at the same time, it must have a sense of responsibility to the country, to the society, to the family and to the relatives.
The company's first standard employment is the "virtue" of the problem. "There is no virtue of Germany is not worthy of a great job, there is no German-only enough to sell its rape." Employees should be honest, trustworthy, modest, united, mindset, collective sense of honor. The requirement of people is the requirement of society for people, we must have morality, and we think that a person who has no social morality can not become a qualified person. Lack of morality, no matter how high, will be firmly rejected.
Talent and management
Talent concept: the ancients said: "And the mermaid, it is better to teach people and fishing" Teaching and fishing, is to train personnel. The company respects the entrepreneurial spirit of "dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation", pays attention to the staff's character and ability, requires employees to be professional and pioneering, with strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, to have modern management awareness and to promote team spirit.
Talent Strategy
Outstanding talent is the cornerstone of the company's strategic goals, is the driving force for enterprise development, the company with scientific personnel training methods, effective incentive mechanism, a fair competitive platform, broad career development capacity to recruit talent, so that each and every employee Can fully reflect self-worth in our collective, reach the maximum fit of life career planning and enterprise development, and grow together with employees.
Employee implementation of the post target assessment mechanism, the competition mechanism can be able to go under and the rational flow of the restructuring mechanism to form a positive phase-out, a virtuous circle of the selection mechanism. Efforts to achieve the optimal allocation of personnel, the implementation of "picking up the peach jump", who has the ability to make capacity to measure the size of the role of talent in the enterprise the most important measure.
Employing principle
The company recognizes and satisfies the needs of talented people, respects and accommodates the personality of the talented people, persists in employing others and doubts people do not. We should boldly use the personnel we use, fully trust, give full authorization, be lucky to judge, and make every effort to improve the transparency of the implementation of the system. Let both assume the responsibility of the post, but also give the appropriate rights.
Our employees should have: positive attitude, gratitude mentality, learning enterprising attitude, honest hard-working attitude, cooperative and innovative attitude, inclusive attitude and professional mentality.