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Concertina Overspray Filter

Concertina Overspray Filter

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Filter material and features:
★ Designed in wrinkled tsubaki structure, it is good for distributing the wind speed, and the positive wind speed reaches 1.0 m/s.
★ It can absorb ultra-wide overspray effectively, forcing the over jet stream flow to change direction several times so that the particles which is heavier than the air will be absorbed when the air flow get through the hole.
★ V type-depth bearer, the filter can become more effective accompanying the saturation.
★ Inertial separation helps to avoid the paint bouncing back, and the hole around design ensures the smooth and stable airflow.
★ Low air resistance, high performance, and large adsorption capacity, up to 15kg/m2, it can be used for 500-600hours continuously, 5-6times more than other filter materials, economical.
★ Conforming to DIN53438 K1.
★ Normal size: 0.75m*10m 0.9m*10m 1.0m*10m
★ Filtering the particles of the solid and liquid from the air, it helps to uniform the airflow.
★ It will be better if add fiberglass or synthetic fiber on inlet side.
★ Can be used to make filter with frame on request.

Application: Used in various type of environment-friendly spray cabinets, wood, metal, furniture spray, car spray, as well as other industrial spraying.

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